"Every festival needs that act that moves real excitement of what is to come through their show. Not only do the Silver Starlets accomplish this, they do so in a way that is delightfully entertaining with outstanding acrobatics. A crowd pleaser here in Victoria".
- John Vickers - Producer, Victoria International Buskers Festival

“The Silver Starlets truly shined on the streets the Auckland International Buskers Festival 2019. Both true professionals and a very polished show!  You will not be disappointed”  
- Casey Morris, Auckland Busker Festival

"Danger. Comedy. Great rapport with the audience with plenty of just plain fun mixed in. What more can you ask for from an act at your event? The Silver Starlets provide all of this, along with plenty of sparkle . . . the Starlets were very popular. They attracted good crowds for their performances . . . The Starlets were great to work with. I will give one example to show how they went out of their way to entertain our guests. We had rain and wind on Saturday of the Fair, so they were not able to do all of their shows on the trapeze. It was raining at about the time they were supposed to do their late afternoon show. I walked into our Kids Zone building, an area set up to entertain our younger guests. It was one of the places that was still busy on the grounds during the rain. I found the Starlets in the Kids Zone entertaining the kids that were there. They brought along several hula hoops and were teaching the kids how to use those plus teaching them some dance moves. They did this on their own, without us asking them to do it, since they couldn’t do their regular act on the trapeze. The kids had a great time, and so did the Starlets."

- Mark Landa - Secretary, Greater Grand Forks Fair

“. . . a pleasure to work with . . . full of creative ideas and energy, great skills, and unique, hilarious comedy. A great addition to our festival.
-Mackenzie Muldoon, Entertainment Director, Toronto International Buskerfest

"The Silver Starlets are an absolute delight to work with. They are consummate professionals in their attitude both on and off the pitch. They are engaging, entertaining and fun to be around. Communicating with them leading up to and during the Festival was easy and they provided all information in a timely and precise way. The Silver Starlets are diligent performers with a great show and an awesome outlook. It was our total pleasure to have them as part of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival."

-Elizabeth Hobbs - Programming Coordinator, Edmonton Int. Fringe Festival

“It’s so refreshing to come across a group like The Silver Starlets who are

clearly dedicated to creating quality, creative and intelligent entertainment for audiences of any age.”
-Neal Rempel, Producer, Winnipeg KidsFest

The Silver Starlets represented themselves in a professional manner, were always on time and were both eager to please and easy to work with and we would not hesitate to rebook this show for future events.”
-Susan Kuzma, Manager - Saskatoon Exhibition

"The Silver Starlets are great entertainment for people of all ages. They get the audience involved with the show. They go above and beyond to entertain your customers."
- Make Landa, Board Member, The Greater Grand Forks Fair, North Dakota.

". . . it’s so refreshing to come across a group like The Silver Starlets who are clearly dedicated to creating quality, creative andintelligent entertainment for audiences of any age. Their professionalism combined with the quality of performance is what will definitely have me invite them back for future events –

I can’t recommend them highly enough!"
-Neal Rempel, Producer, Winnipeg KidsFest